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At Big Easy Power Washing we specialize in Exterior Property Cleaning Services in the New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Our company has been able to provide high-quality work across the state for a couple years.

We can thoroughly remove dirt, grime, oil, grease, paint, and other unwanted substances from a variety of surfaces. With a team of professionals all backed up by years of experience, and by using the latest equipment and materials available, we guarantee that your decision to partner with us will definitely be worth your while.

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Residential & Commercial Services
Floors Power Washing
We are able to clean all types of outdoor floors and surfaces including but not limited to concrete, brick, and wood. This treatment can greatly improve the appearance, function, and value of your property.
Driveway Cleaning
Difficult driveway stains are no match for Big Easy Power Washing. With the best equipment and cleaning products available, we are able to make fast work of challenging jobs including oil slicks and tire marks. Call us and soon the grime and dirt on your driveway will be a thing of the past.
Wooden Cleaning
Especially in tropical climates like the one we enjoy here in New Orleans, outdoor wood surfaces can become dirty very quickly. Before long, you may find that grime might be too much for simple household cleaning products – but not to worry! Professional treatment from Big Easy Power Washing will quickly have your outdoor wood floors and surfaces looking their very best again.
House/Building Washing
Whether at home or at work, making a good first impression is important – so at Big Easy Power Washing, we’re dedicated to helping you maximize the curb appeal of your residence and/or business! A professional power wash can leave your home or business looking brand new and help you put your best foot forward when welcoming guests and clients.
Roof/Gutter Cleaning
When it comes to greenery and gardens in New Orleans, we’re lucky to enjoy beautiful blooms and foliage year-round – but this botanical abundance can lead to grimy rooves and / or clogged gutters in no time! At Big Easy Power Washing, we can clean your rooves and gutters professionally to preserve the value of your home and prevent maintenance issues caused by organic build up.
Pool/Deck Cleaning
When it comes to making the most of decks and pool areas, we know how important cleanliness is to the enjoyment and comfort of your outdoor recreational spaces. At Big Easy Power Washing, we are able to keep these areas in tip top shape using modern equipment and the best cleaning solutions available.
Why Do I Need To Clean My Carpet?
Is your rug not looking pretty good? Stubborn dirt seeped deep into the carpet? Did your pet leave a bad odor? Carpet cleaning makes the environment healthy and removes all dust, mites, dirt and allergens. Increases the longevity of rugs making them look cleaner and new for a long time. More health for your family. It adds value to the overall appearance and aesthetics of your home. Send us a text message now for a free quote!


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We guarantee to deliver the best results.
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Why Choose Us

We value honesty and transparency in everything we do, we provide exceptional cleaning, quickly and affordably. We use only environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaning detergents, and our industry-best equipment allow us to handle every project from single family residences to multi-unit commercial spaces. If you live in the greater New Orleans area and need expert pressure washing services, give us a call to: