Costs of pressure washing; DIY or hire an expert?

Given the immediate advantages of this activity, you could view it as a straightforward do-it-yourself effort. But even the most miniature machinery generates a hazardous amount of pressure. This pressure can seriously injure both lives and assets in the eyes of untrained users. Using the incorrect setting, the incorrect cleaning agent, or running your machine too close to the area may convert little mistakes into pricey repair jobs. It might seriously hurt you or a close one and require hospitalization.

To better understand it, we have a complete analysis of the situation if you are considering DIY house washing. In addition, we will tell you how much pressure washing costs when done the wrong way. 

So, how much does pressure washing cost?

In addition to risk and harm, you must consider preparations, capability, and expense if you attempt power washing on your own.

Preparedness: It requires a while, may need physical labor, and may involve the use of cranes as well as other tools to clear away debris, cover doors, close windows, and move outside furniture.

Volume: Whether washing the filth off a basement floor or even the vinyl paneling on multiple floors, you must select the pressure washer that will do the task the finest. Power and adaptability levels for pressure washers differ. Therefore, it is crucial to consider variables like pressure (PSI), velocity (GPM), and compliance with various washing fluids.

Cost: Gas-powered cleaners typically cost around $300 and $800; however, buying an electrical washer might cost you between $90 and $200. In contrast, a professional’s services typically cost $180 to $380.

Considering the expense of purchasing a power washer, the hours required to perform the task, and the risks involved, many homeowners decide hiring a professional is worthwhile.

A good professional will not just have the tools and knowledge required to wipe down safely and correctly, but their offerings are frequently inexpensive.

Don’ts & Dos For Pressure Washing 


  1. Be aware of the best cleaning agents in each area you spray.
  2. Always put on safety gloves, goggles, clothes, and footwear.
  3. When dealing with washers, elevators, or other machinery, abide by all safety precautions.
  4. Consult a professional to prevent accidents and ensure the task is done correctly.


  1. Use your power washer whenever there are people or animals nearby.
  2. While spraying a surface, avoid getting too near to prevent debris or damage.
  3. Use power washers without first reading the manual or safety precautions.
  4. Work on rooftops or other high surfaces without adopting the necessary safety measures.

Final Thoughts

Spending many hours washing outside your house is not exactly one of the most exciting leisure activities. Another lovely benefit of using a skilled power washer would be this. Contractors would save you so much time that you’ll question why you didn’t even think of it earlier. You may go bowling or take trips to a film rather than spend your entire holiday straining your neck to wash your house.

The task of pressure cleaning your home won’t be completed in a single day, and you know how much does pressure washing cost, so take a wise decision and consult a specialist.